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Grain transportation across the territory of our country and neighboring countries is especially in demand in agricultural regions. Consequently, grain carriers (hoppers) are used to deliver rye, wheat, legumes and barley from the field to the elevator or to places of their storage or processing.

The main feature of grain crops as bulk cargo is the small mass of each individual link. That is, there are losses and weathering through onboard unsealed seams. In other words, it gets enough sleep when delivered by truck over long distances. To clarify, they can be about one tenth of the load.

As a result, the transportation of grain goods by wagons is the most optimal.

Interesting Facts

The cost of transporting grain at the same time becomes more profitable and is not inferior to other modes of transport during transportation. On the other hand, the oxidation of wet grains in the process of contact with metal parts of the car body is also an important factor. That is, the need for airing the grains. Which absolutely contradict the requirements for body sealing requirements. I will summarize, because for this reason most shippers prefer to transport grain cargo with grain carriers. As a result, spoilage and loss of products can be significantly minimized.

In addition, bulk cargo is required not only to “fill up” easily into the train, but also to unload from it in the same way.

In short, the transportation of grain cargo today is one of the most popular cargo transportation. And as a consequence, this is due to the development of agriculture and export of products.

Grain transportation in Ukraine, in the same way, in the CIS and Europe

The organization of the delivery of grain crops, first of all, should be entrusted to companies that are ideally versed in such subtleties. That is, for professionals. They will be able to choose the type of carriage most suitable for the products. And as a result, having developed a special route. And as a result, thanks to which the delivery of cargo for will become the most profitable and convenient.

Transportation with grain carriers (hoppers) is the most optimal way of transportation. Since they can protect the cargo with almost one hundred percent guarantee against all kinds of harmful environmental influences over long distances.


Grain importers and exporters, as well as agricultural producers, plan transportation in advance. Since the speed and volume of delivery are a very important factor. Therefore, the grain transportation cargo is one of the priority areas of our company. And we are ready to carry out the transportation of grain in the most optimal way for the client, and at competitive prices.