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involves transportation of materials, hence, of consumer goods. This type of services is provided by our company Exfer of course to organizations and companies. First of all, whose activity is subsequently concentrated in construction and trade industries. That is, the feasibility of operation of the packaging determinable price of the goods and its type. So, for example, chemical, machine-building products. As well as the food industry, are often transported in the container. To reduce the time spent on discharging and loading of cargo. And in consequence increase the degree of its sound. It is logical to consider transportation in the container of a considerable part of agricultural production.

Transportation of container cargo needs special approach. Most often this type of cargo is carried via covered wagons. You must remember that if the packaging will obviously not match the kind of load which is transported. It is logical that the company may refuse to carry. Therefore, as in the process of transportation, thus, can lead to loss or deterioration of the goods.

Transportation of container cargoes by covered wagons.

When transporting goods in containers, the capacity is considered part of the cargo mass. Consequently, the company delivery of the goods to the consignee is made in the same manner. And as a rule, in which the goods accepted from the shipper. As a result, if the capacity in which transported material or product, was damaged.First of all, the piece loads are issued after checking their weight and condition in damaged packaging with the opening lost its integrity sites commodity-transport waybills.

Container cargo transportation helps to improve their safety, however, it slightly increases the cost of the product. Therefore, for this reason, no-dust, low-value or dangerous goods are transported without the use of containers. Subsequently, for this purpose, the gondola afterwards.

According to the classification of transportation of container cargoes in accordance with the types of containers, transportation of materials and goods may be carried in packages, boxes, containers, pallets etc.

Advantages of cargo transportation by covered wagons.

When you order service. Such as transportation of goods in covered wagons in our company, You will be able to appreciate such advantages as:

Guaranteed supply of wagons to the required volume.
Establishment of a full customs support of export.
Operative delivery rate and all necessary information on the topic that interests You route.
Ensuring cargo certification.
Providing persistent support and eliminate the causes of possible delays in the transportation process.