Online order for transportation.


In order for the online application for freight to be completed, first, you need to complete 7 steps:

Cells with * must be filled !!!

First, select the station of departure of the goods;

And also, the station receiving the goods;

Meanwhile, enter the cargo code GNG, ETSNG or name of the cargo (if you do not know the code)
Fourth, the tonnage of cargo;
Fifth, contact phone number to clarify data;
In addition, e-mail for a commercial offer;
And additionally, comments to the order (optional). Such as packing cargo or all possible refinements that will help to work out your application optimally.

phone.: +38 (044) 332-60-61; +38 (044) 222-60-81

Online order for transportation.

Types of online applications for transportation.

Depending on the purpose of transportation of goods and subsequently. The technological implementation of the process of transportation, companies and intermediaries may offer online calculation:

On one or different offers of cars with the possibility of online application;
as in the first paragraph but with the possibility of online application. Payment and transportation implementation.
Also with the possibility of online application, payment, but also the organization of a meeting with the manager of the company.
And more time-consuming, with the possibility of online application, payment, organizing a meeting with the manager of our company to clarify the nuances, if required. And with the delivery of original documents to the client.

Meanwhile, in our company,

the second option provides the optimality of the existing online application systems. Therefore, it does not require the client to meet with the company’s manager, for example, to sign a contract, pay for and transfer documents. That is, in other words, other ways of cooperation are not advisable. In addition, as a rule, it offers the services of a freight forwarding company. Subsequently, which seeks a personal meeting with a client, above all, leads to unnecessary costs and a decrease in the client’s company’s profit. On the other hand, “Multi-offers” with the possibility of meeting, ordering, paying for and delivering documents personally, are organized by companies that, above all, do not value your time.

The advantages of online applications for transportation.

Simplify the process of ordering cars using a clear and intuitive method of comparison. And as a rule, the most profitable option for your company;

As a result, with the help of our online application you can. Order the desired type of rolling stock. Namely: gondola, covered wagon, tank, platform, conveyor or grain-carrier. Also clearly calculate the cost of shipping. And find out all the details of the transport of your goods.