Transportation of bulk cargo.



Conventionally bulk cargo can be divided into a couple of categories, namely:

bulk materials, the unloading and loading of which requires the use of special equipment. Namely, dump trucks and excavators;
bulk products, which are characterized by uniformity and great flowability. As a rule, this type includes cereals, sand, and the like. Which are loaded with conveyors.

Both bulk and bulk cargoes have identical transportation rules:

1) Prohibition of loading in the form of “slides” to avoid scattering. As a result, the goods are distributed evenly over the entire area of ​​the container.

2) Compliance with a strict speed regime. As well as transportation of flammable goods in specific conditions. What prevents the ignition of the cargo due to friction.

3) It is also forbidden to load above the top edge of the rim.

4) Be sure to cover the cargo with a tarpaulin or other material while driving.

This list of rules is only a small squeeze from the rules that must be followed. Therefore, any transportation of bulk cargo needs an individual approach. And both to the vehicle and to the speed of movement.

Transportation of bulk cargo in Ukraine, CIS, Europe

Transportation of bulk cargo has a lot of features that must be taken into account during transportation. For this reason, the delivery of bulk, bulk, and also bulk cargo should be entrusted only to a professional. Since only he can take into account all the possible nuances.

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