Transportation of oversized cargo by rail.

Namely, transportation by conveyors and platforms.


pTransportation oversized cargo rail
The concept of oversized cargo.
Transportation of oversized cargo by rail is characterized by the word oversized.

Oversize – as a rule, are industrial units. Such as construction units and parts of the transport. Оr heavy machinery with large dimensions. As a result, any object having a length of more than 22 meters. А height of more than 4 meters. Аnd a width of at least 2 meters 60 centimeters “is considered oversized.


In addition, the sustainability of products is important. And it is important to properly design the load scheme. Which, as a result, will ensure safety during shipping. For this reason, transportation of oversized cargo must be carried out by a professional company. In other words, a company that can take into account all the nuances for the safest transportation.


Properly transporting oversized cargo is a rather complex logical task that requires the construction of the most optimal route. And as a rule, it leads to the preservation of cargo and safety. That is, to organize transportation at the highest possible level.

And it is logical that the transportation of oversized cargo by rail, above all, is considered one of the most popular freight.


The advantages of oversized transportation by rail include the following:

1) Firstly, the average annual volume of transportation of oversize by rail now exceeds several million tons.

2) So, the acceptable price of transporting one unit of production, as a result, guaranteed traction ability of the locomotive.

3) And also, the highways have a large length, characterized by high throughput.

4) This type of transportation is becoming increasingly popular in various areas of production. As a result of heavy load of this transport.

5) And also, for this transport customs procedures are carried out much quickly.

6) And another advantage is the fixed time of shipment of your shipment and therefore its arrival.

7) And above all a wide choice of rolling stock. For example, platforms, fitting platforms and conveyors.

8) So, to spoil or lose your goods during this type of transportation, as opposed to transportation by water, air and road, is almost impossible. .

9) And finally, it is much easier to overload products from the cars.

Thus, the transportation of oversized cargo is a specific type of cargo transportation that requires a special approach.

As well as preliminary preparation, without which the implementation of transportation is impossible.

And summing up the article, it is logical that the most rational choice for the transportation of oversized cargo is, first of all, rail transport.