alt=Railway freight gondola cars are caused by the carriage of goods as bulk, glass, mineral fertilizers, crushed stone, coal, scrap metal of a specific type of car.



Design features gondola.

First, what distinguishes the gondola from the other types of cars, is the fact that the body of the gondola car basically has no roof (but there are models with removable roof). Therefore, it provides convenience, therefore, the loading and unloading of the goods. Also, the gondola may have unloading hatches in the floor and drop-down end wall, and finally, a dumb body. And also, the right front and left rear corner brackets set the ladder in order to be able to get inside. And finally, the carrying capacity usually is 69 tons. The standard load time gondola car — no more than 50 minutes.

Types of gondolas.

Gondolas are divided into:

Hatch — normally equipped with unloading hatches in the floor and side doors (or no doors)

Closed bottom — usually cars with rear hatch and doors (hollow body), which serve for transportation of bulk cargoes with unloading the lifter. But there are exceptions when carrying them and not the bulk cargo. And other types of cargo, loading from top. Popular as the use of these wagons in container traffic.

The design of the gondolas.

Depending on the transport and type of cargo and mode of transport (transit, import or export) the type and number of documents, later will be different. As a result, if you do not have sufficient experience in obtaining all required decisions and permits. Usually, you can very easily get confused. And because of incorrect documents, to incur losses. Incorrect customs clearance of the products does not allow you to put it on the market. And as a consequence, your Luggage can be left at the state warehouse.You may have to send to return address. Therefore in ignorance of all the features, something overlooked very easily.

Customs brokers.

Customs clearance in our country increases the first year because of the growth of the economy . This is therefore one of the priority directions of activity of our company. For the reason that,the knowledge of many nuances and perfection of the legislative base. And continuous monitoring of all of the changes, and ultimately a great experience, enables our employees to save your money and time.

Documentation for export of goods abroad also has its own nuances. At the same time, Ukraine also has its own design features. Which distinguish it from other countries. For smooth operation and receipt of goods by the foreign partner. The consequence, without any difficulties, you need to take care of most documents at the place of dispatch of the goods.

Our company can offer its clients services for the design:

First certificates of conformity and origin.

Second letters.

Thirdly the findings of the CCI: cost and code.

Fourthly permissions security and Min of environment.

And conclusions on energy saving.

Marks permissive for inventory documentation.

Conclusions Gemological center and sanitary-epidemiological service.
In addition to the above services we can also offer You:

1) And sending and receiving of cargo by railway transport in covered and open wagons.

2) and also cargo insurance.

3) usually, storing your cargo with the management of all necessary reports and inventory.

4) And the same handling operations to (from) any kind of transport.

5) And finally the development of the most optimal logistic schemes for transportation of the products.

The EхFer company is glad to offer you the best options for railway freight transportation by gondola cars.