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The transportation of goods, which is necessary in special conditions, is, above all, a very important task. For this reason, refrigerated rail freight with special regimes is, therefore, considered the only true option. Firstly, to maintain quality, and secondly, freshness of products, following to the point of unloading. First of all, perishable goods fall into this group, both products for perfumery and pharmacology, therefore, other classes of goods. In conclusion, to summarize, our company is able to cope with the transportation of any batch of goods, even especially large ones.

In the process of transporting flowers, products, vaccines and other goods, as a rule, it is necessary to adhere to specially developed standards as much as possible. After that, not only the temperature regime should be monitored. And in the same way, observe sanitary standards and, in addition, the necessary level of humidity. To comply with these requirements, for example, use modern equipment. First of all, it is able to provide a temperature of from -1 to -5 degrees, Similarly, cooling from 0 to +15 degrees and in conclusion, and deep freezing with a mark of less than -6 degrees.

Refrigerated rail freight involves milestones.


Firstly, the calculation of the most profitable route for the customer.
In the same way, execution of all necessary documents.
In addition, preparation for sending perishable goods.
After that, the speediest departure of the goods to the place of final value.
In the same way, compliance with all temperature conditions during transportation.
And finally, timely shipment of goods to the recipient
Refrigerated rail freight: the main advantages

The main advantage of the refrigerated type of cargo transportation is the preservation of consumer properties of the goods during transportation over great distances.

With each passing day, such cargo transportation is becoming increasingly popular. Аs trade between states is only gaining momentum. And each state is interested in strengthening trade relations. With its neighbors by sending products over many thousands of kilometers.

Refrigerated rail freight transportation has a number of features:

1) The ability to transport cargo of any kind, tonnage, consistency and size.

2) The minimum level of transportation costs.

3) The wide selection of containers for transportation.

4) Virtually unlimited access to goods in any corner of the globe.

5) The possibility of reduction along the entire passage of cargo transshipment procedures.

6) If necessary, there is the possibility of installing additional equipment.

In addition to all this, refrigerated transport can be carried out in all weather conditions. What can not be said about transportation by car, aircraft or ship.

Our company will help to carry out refrigerated cargo transportation in Ukraine, the CIS countries, the Baltic states and Europe at the highest level.

Since it takes care of the observance of transportation rules and sanitary standards of goods requiring a specific temperature regime.