Rail freight is a competitive, reliable and safe type of delivery.

As a result, this form of delivery compared to sea shipping, as well as, air and road transport, as a result, has a number of advantages.

First of all, the fact that the movement of rolling stock is almost independent from weather conditions.

That is, unlike sea, air and road transport. And moves with great speed.

Consequently, allows you to calculate the cost of the service to meet the needs of each individual delivery.

Rail freight from the company ExFer.

First of all, to date, the company ExFer is justified is a leader in the field of transportation of goods by rail.

First, due to the almost unlimited possibilities of the proposed volumes of cargo. Consequently, a very extensive network of Contracting companies . That is, rail freight with ExFer will allow even the most complex. And as a result, as it may seem initially difficult, and many tons of freight.

But do not forget about the fact that one of the primary advantages of rail freight from ExFer. First of all, it is their regularity.

Besides, with the railroad to transport the cargo can be any type. Whether it’s food or bulk materials.

Reefer modern cars allow you to maintain the quality of perishable products. And much thus saving.

Savings in rail transportation.

In addition to the above advantages. It is also necessary to mention an acceptable cost of rail freight., Which is achieved through a high degree of carrying capacity.

Railway transportation in Ukraine, CIS and Europe.

The major part of cargo transportation in Ukraine is made by means of railway rolling stock. This is corroborated by statistics in transportation volumes. And in which rail freight transport is much superior to their competitors.

Transportation of cargo via railway involves the movement of loaded goods trains on the tracks. Thanks to the creation in virtue of the functional capabilities of large compositions. Rail freight can cope with a relatively small price with a truly incredible amount of products.

Therefore as in Ukraine and beyond its borders railway is one of the main types of delivery.

The versatility of rail freight.

It is possible to speak also about the universality of rail freight. As it is suitable for transportation of almost any cargo. This type of delivery will not only ensure the full safety of the cargo. But also not to restrict its scope and to plan the exact time of arrival to the recipient.

ExFer the advantages in railway transportation.

As the transportation of cargo by Railways must be deliberate and well planned event. Then trust it is necessary only to professionals, which is our company. And which is able to implement for your customer to transport any type of cargo. And at the most affordable price and with maximum efficiency.