You can order a conveyor car by filling out an online application for freight transportation below:


The conveyor car is used for cargo transportation in such industries. Like mechanical engineering, aircraft manufacturing. Therefore, most often such objects are transported by conveyors. Like (transformers, stators and rotors, columns for construction and bridge building, all kinds of beds, parts of hydraulic turbines). Which, in turn, in terms of their overall dimensions and weight, cannot be transported in other cars. Therefore, for this you need to order a conveyor car.

In conclusion, to transport this type of cargo. You need to order a conveyor car. Develop a loading scheme. And approve it in the freight security service. And finally, calculate the tariff for the transportation of this cargo. As a rule, taking into account loading and unloading.

That is why, we recommend contacting the managers of Exfer. Which will quickly calculate your possible transportation costs. And they will also select the type of conveyor car you need. And the specialists of our company will develop a loading scheme. Which serves for safe loading (unloading) of cargo. And the safety of transportation throughout the route.

Therefore, your cargo will be in complete safety. And your partners will be satisfied with the service from our company. Accordingly, they will recommend ExFer to their partners and customers.

We look forward to a long and productive cooperation in the field of rail transportation. And we will do everything to ensure that your business is successful and stable.

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